'73 Questions Survey 1


Congrats! As a ’73 Billings West graduate, you get to participate in this informative, amusing, half-serious survey! How cool is that?! Don’t answer that.   

Every month, we’ll serve up some questions (just 5 or so) about high school – the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s totally anonymous. No names will ever be given (unless agreed to).

Following each survey, results and anecdotal humor (we hope) will be presented at www.billingswest73.com (i.e. this website). Join in! Unburden yourself! 



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1)   What did you like about high school?

2)   What did you hate about high school?

3)   Did you have a favorite teacher or subject?

4)   How did you get to and from school? If you drove, what was your ride?

5)   Did you ever get in trouble? If so, spill it.

6)   BONUS TRIVIA QUESTION What was removed from the American Psychiatric Association list of mental illnesses in 1973?