'73 Questions Survey 3


Survey 3

Got any good (or bad) Thanksgiving memories? Funny story? Favorite pie? Check out our latest survey – five questions plus a Bonus Trivia Question. To see the answers for surveys, click on ’73 Questions on the left menu on Home page and scroll down to “View Survey Results”.

Answer to Survey 2 BONUS TRIVIA QUESTION: To boost interest in Major League baseball, what new position did the American League add in 1973?  Answer: DH (Designated Hitter)



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1)   If you had a job during high school, where did you work?

2)   What were your more questionable fashion choices (hot pants, permed hair, dickies...)?

3)   What song was played most on the lunchroom jukebox? I Am Your Captain? House of the Rising Sun? War? Other?

4)   Gramma’s, Iron Bull, Hanging Tree, Frank’s Hole, Buck’s Bar, or other?

5)   Any good (or bad) anecdotes about Thanksgiving dinner? Favorite side? Favorite pie?

6)   BONUS TRIVIA QUESTION: Clint Eastwood returned as “Dirty” Harry Callahan in what 1973 film?