'73 Questions Survey 7

Survey 7

This unofficial survey drills down into Billings trivia. Let’s see what you know about local lore  – answer questions below. For classmate answers to surveys, click on ’73 Questions on the left menu on Home page and scroll to “View Survey Results”.

Answer to Survey #6 The unreal Billings street? Whippersnapper. Bonus Trivia Question - Who played, Kojak, the lollipop-sucking detective on TV?  Telly Savalas.



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1)   Who is Billings named after and why?

2)   Why is Billings called the "Magic City"?

3)   One of Billings' most colorful and forward-thinking mayors, Willard Fraser, died in office in 1972. Who was his famous father-in-law?

  Actor Fred Willard
  Poet Robert Frost
  Bank Robber John Dillinger
  Wrestler Gorgeous George
  Principal Willard Wallace
4)   What famous singer/songwriter attended Rocky Mountain College for one year?

  Bing Crosby
  Weird Al Yankovic
  Tammy Wynette
  Bonnie Raitt
  Arlo Guthrie
5)   Before Billings, there was the rough and tumble town of Coulson. Who first took the job of Sheriff of Coulson?

  Matt Dillon
  Marcus Reno
  Wyatt Earp
  Liver-Eating Johnson
  Henry Plummer
6)   BONUS TRIVIA QUESTION Who was mayor of Billings when we graduated in 1973?